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Th ct nal impaimnt on dutastid phamacokintics has not bn studid . Nadjustmnt in dosag is anticipatd patints with nal impaimnt (s sction 5.2).

Th capsuls should b swallowd whol Serpina tablet price and not chwd opnd, as contact with th capsul contnts may sult in iitation th oophayngal mucosa. AVODAT may b administd with without ood.

Dutastid inhibits th convsion tstoston tdihydotstoston (DHT). DHT is th andogn pimaily sponsibl th initial dvlopmnt and subsqunt nlagmnt th postat gland. Tstoston is convtd tDHT by th nzym 5 alpha-ductas, which xists as 2 isooms, typ 1 and typ 2. Th typ 2 isonzym is pimaily activ in th poductiv tissus, whil th typ 1 isonzym is alssponsibl tstoston convsion in th skin and liv.

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