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False and misleading advertising that omitted or minimized the risks of benicar investing heavily in meetings with doctors to promote the drug failing to conduct the necessary clinical trials to fully test the safety of benicar not suggesting a limit on the length of time people should take benicar being aware of the drug s potential risks and failing to warn consumers.

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To make sure you can safely take olmesartantell your doctor if you have any of these other conditions:

Benicar can result in complications for fetusesespecially in the second and third trimestersand some of these complications can be fatalAlsothe drug has not been tested on children under 1Other individuals can experience adverse reactions when taking Benicar.

The label says the risks are greater during Cheap kytril dose the second and third trimestersThe risks include reduction of fetal renal function and increase in fetal and neonatal death.

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for patients with moderate to marked renal injury or with moderate to evident hepatic dysfunction, benicar should be taken with caution.

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